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Standard cargo delivery in New York includes transportation of commercial goods, transportation of printed products, of food or consumer goods.

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Delivery by bicycle is suitable for those who need fast delivery of small in weight and volume of goods. For example, urgent correspondence, documents, valuables, small items, office, small purchases, medicines.

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Transportation of things is a comprehensive service when changing locations – for those who change their place of residence and need full transportation of all furniture, equipment, clothing and even pets.

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At your service delivery of water and food. Water is supplied from your retailer or we will offer our own supplier of quality water. Water is delivered in large or small bottles. Water certification attached.

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Our company provides the services of professional movers. Our guys are ready to immerse anything. From the piano to the library. All necessary mounting elements and carrying devices in stock.

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Proper packing of goods during transportation guarantees safety. We recommend our service of packing in environmentally friendly company boxes and paper bags.