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Classic Caviar

Classic Caviar is produced the same traditional way as Mallosol, that preserves all healthy nutrient elements of the product. Classic Caviar doesn’t pass any thermal treatment; shelf life is 4 months.
Following the classical caviar production traditions, we use only salt, no preservatives or additives. Packed caviar undergoes light thermal treatment, while retaining all its useful properties. Our goal is to produce caviar of exceptional quality and unrivaled taste.

Aquatir Caviar is produced at ecologically clean sturgeon farm under strict laboratory, veterinary, sanitary control at each stage of production. This is the only possible way to keep the unique natural taste of black caviar, for which the wealthy people of the world have always paid high price.

Classic caviar does not require any complex pairings, is good as it is, has fine and rich taste. We suggest to eat it with spoons, enjoying every egg.
Minimum order Is 1 kg, time of delivery from 3 weeks. Classic Caviar should be preordered by filling the form below. Our manager will contact you in the nearest possible time.