About our caviar

Black caviar is a noble product that is considered to be a symbol of taste and luxury.

Classical technology

“Aquatir” Ltd. uses classical processing recipes that brought world fame to the sturgeon caviar more than century ago.
The most distinctive feature of our black caviar is the fact that we use only salt and no other preservatives. This way we can keep the unique and natural taste of black caviar.
Salt percentage: 3 -5%

Ecological and Quality


The technology used in our brood stock formations allows us to get fresh caviar all year; therefore it is possible to enjoy our natural black caviar even in winter.

The raw materials and the materials used for the production of our caviar maintain the EU hygienic standards.

“Aquatir” caviar is an honourable delicacy which passes strict laboratory, veterinary and sanitary control at each production stage up to packing and delivery.



Premium caviar quality



The caviar is packed into the tins, glasses and crystal jars (from 10 to 1000 grams) under vacuum that allows us to keep the aroma and the taste of natural sturgeon caviar.

Storage conditions: from -2 to -4°C.

Shelf life: 8 months from the date of production

Keep the opened jar at temperature from 0 to +6 of °C for no more than 48h

Delivery to the consumer is carried out in thermal containers at - 2 - 4° C that preserve the quality of caviar.  Currently Aquatir GmbH offers granular caviar MALOSSOL of Russian sturgeon, Sterlet and Bester - the hybrid of beluga and sterlet.

Beluga caviar is going to come into the market soon.