"Aquatir" is a large-scale industrial complex. Its main activity is the breeding of sturgeon pure species of Caspian and Azov-Black Sea populations, as well as the production of natural black caviar of Russian sturgeon, Sterlet and Bester (Beluga x Sterlet).

The production is located in the Republic of Moldova, as it is the Black Sea region, the waters of which these rare and valuable fish historically harboured. Unfortunately the millennial spawning pathway of sturgeon species was destroyed due to environmental negligence.

In this regard, there was built the first module for the cultivation of sturgeon fish in RAS in 2006. This made it possible to return the sturgeon fish into the Republic of Moldova.

Then gradually, every year, new modules were constructed. Currently there are 7 successfully operating facilities designed for the cultivation of the sturgeon from egg to maturity. The number of employees is more than 130 people.

The sturgeon complex "Aquatir" is registered in the international organization CITES - Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora- including its own unique identification number. In addition the company formed a part of NACEE- the Network of Aquaculture in Central and Eastern Europe- in 2011.

The total area of the enterprise-complex is almost 7.7 ha. The capacity of the fish-breeding zone is equal to 50-80 tons of fish products and 5 tons of caviar a year.

In 2011 the enterprise has introduced and adopted the precautionary model of the system of safety in food production ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008.

The requirements regarding the compliance of management systems in food safety systems FSSC 22000 were confirmed by the certification audit in 2014.

In order to provide control over the safety of our production, we accredited a modernized operational laboratory in 2013. This gave us a better control over the production process.

Thanks to its structure, equipment, processing methods and its pace of development, the “Aquatir” Ltd.-complex occupies one of the leading world positions.

  The export potential of manufactured products is essential for us; therefore the main volume of the production is aimed to foreign deliveries.

In 2009, "Aquatir" Ltd. was inspected by the Ukrainian State Veterinary Service and was authorized to export animal products to the territory of the Ukraine. After our production was examined by an U.S. partner in 2011, we also received the permission to import sturgeon caviar into the USA.

According to the EU Commission decision 2014/472/EC from 16.07.2014 our company got a permission to export our production (sturgeon caviar) in EU countries.