"Aquatir" GmbH is a branch of a large sturgeon farm “Aquatir" located in the South-Eastern Europe, Republic of Moldova. "Aquatir" GmbH specializes in the sale of sturgeon caviar - the most aristocratic and prestigious delicacy in the world.

Moldova is a Black Sea region, waters of which historically harbored these rare and valuable fish.

Unfortunately, due to environmental negligence the millennial spawning pathway of sturgeon fish species was destroyed.

In this regard, in 2006, there was founded sturgeon complex "Aquatir", which is currently on the totality of its structure, equipment, processing methods and the pace of development is one of the leading enterprises in the world.

Sturgeon complex "Aquatir" is registered in the international organization CITES -Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora- and has its own unique identification number; in 2011 the company formed a part of NACEE-Network of Aquaculture in Central and Eastern Europe.

The production is certified; the company has introduced and adopted Food Safety Management System Quality FSSC 22000 and ISO 22000:2005.

The quality of produced caviar is guaranteed by ecologically clean water, the value of fish food, supervision of veterinarians, fish farmers and technologists who 24h a day monitor the habitat of fish, and the process of cultivation and production.


When purchasing black caviar from "Aquatir" GmbH, you can be absolutely sure that you make a right choice and you buy the qualitative product that meets your expectations.